Membrane switch with backlighted

Size: 118.01mm X 58.00mm
Material: PET F150
Key type: metal dome, embossed on graphic overlay
Total thickness: not more than 1.3mm
Connector: 2.54mm female connector
Buttons are backlighted
Backlit membrane switch
Backlit Membrane switch is also called Back lighted Membrane switch switch ,Back light Membrane keypad,Back light Membrane switch keyboard and Back light Membrane button.

►Basic info
Back light Membrane switch is used in dark environment which can see button clearly for position and mark.It takes better operation and improve products view effects and technology quality.


Button lights on such panels can be turned on and off by program . Instead of placing an LED display on the side of the button, a panel with a backlight display not only confirms the device's working status through the light behind the button, but also it is easier to find the corresponding key position and operate in the low-light environment.
Backlight solution:Side light LED lamp + Light guide film.

►Structure presentation and material

Part order Part Name Description
1 Graphic  Overlay PET,Matt 0.15mm
2 Guide Film PET,0.188mm
3 Spacer PET Adhesive 0.28mm
4 Dome 10mm,280g
5 Circuit  Layer PET,0.125mm
6 Rear  Adhesive 3M 468
7 Connector Female connector,2.54mm

►About Back light Membrane switch
Back light Membrane switch display well in dark environment.It is convenient to operate.Backlight display section is the key border and character LOGO or LOGO.There are many kinds of backlight solutions, the normally solution is using LED or EL cold light sheet as light source. LED solution is more stable than EL and the  service life is longer.EL backlight uniformity is better than LED solution.Backlight solutions should be used in touch switches or inelastic switches.The light effect is better than elastic switch effect.

►Working environment
Item Requirement
Working Temperature -20℃-80
Working Humidity 40℃,98%RH 
Indoor or outdoor Indoor
UV resistance No

►Electrical performance
Wire Resistance 0.5mm width,<1Ω/cm Rated Current 25-100mA,0-30V DC
Insulation Resistance >100MΩ 250V DC Working Voltage <3.3V
Working Life >50 million times Feed back Time 10ms
Button Force CustomizeFrom180~350g     

►Notice on mounting and operating
The cable can be bent 180 degrees with a bending radius greater than 1mm.
The optimum operating temperature is 0~30 degrees
Once the product has been pasted, it cannot be torn off for use
This product can be pasted on smooth ABS,PC and steel surface. The surface should be clean and dry before pasting
Don’t bash the product
Don’t bent the panel
Don’t press the button with hard tool, such as Screw-driver