FPC Embossed Waterproof Membrane Switch with 3M Adhesive

Overlay: Autotex  F200
Rear adhesive: 3M VHB
Dimension : 147.15x68.3mm
Circuit: FPC (copper printed circuit)
Connector: 2.54 mm Female connector
Key type: Metal Domes
Embossing: Keys and LED windows
►FPC membrane switch
FPC Membrane switch ,FPC  membrane keypad,FPC  membrane panel, FPC  membrane button.

►Basic info
FPC membrane switch has better conductivity and longer work life than silver film switch. The normally thickness of the copper foil is 1 ounces. Total FPC thickness is about 1.35mm.

►Structure presentation

►FPC membrane advantages compared with silver film switch
①Low resistance(10% of silver film switch)
②load large current(Normally 1Acurrent/0.5mm line)
③Components(LED and resistance)can be welded more firmly
④Good oxidation resistance, suitable for humid environment
⑤The connector at the end of cable can be made to smaller to save space.

►Normal material:
1Graphic overlay material
  Finish Specification
PC(polycarbonate)    Gloss 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
Matt 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
PET (polyester)    Fine Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex F150/F200, imported)
Velvet Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex V150/V200, imported)
Gloss with Hard Coat      0.18 mm thickness   
1. ounce copper,total thickness 0.135~0.15mm
2. back adhesive material:3M467, 3M468, 3M9080A or others alternative
3. connector alternative :female:2.54mm;ZIF 1.0mm,ZIF 0.5mm or others specified 

►Working environment
Humidity:40℃,RH <95%

►Electrical performance 
Circuit voltage:DC 50V MAX (others need meet components)
Circuit current:1A MAX
Closed circuit resistance:normally <10 ohm(details see products designing and circuit length)
Button working life:>0.5 million times
Response time:<10 mS

►Notice on mounting and operation
①Clean up the surface where the switch is bonded and make sure it is flat,without rust,oil and dust.
②Compare the size to membrane switch where need be stick ,check if position is correct.
③Tear off 10mm length of the bottom release paper from side.
④ Put the tail through the back board. Please do not pull the tail with force. The minimum bending radian of the lead wire  is R=2mm. The hold edge must smooth in case of damaging the tail.
⑤Align the panel with the sticking place and press on the fixed part, then slowly remove the rest release paper and flat  the panel.
⑥The stick process is finished in one time.Switch can not be repeated stick.
⑦Please make sure the bending angel of panel is lower than 15 degree when sticking.
⑧Please do not pull the connector so hard when in connection. For female connector, please hold the house when in          connector.
⑨Do not pull the lead wire directly. For FPC( Flexible printed circuits) structure, please unlock the socket before plugging.
⑩Note:To assure the switch life,please put it on the table flatly when testing the hand feeling.Do not pinch the button         when holding it on hand.