Hard PCB single key one button embossed membrane keypad with wiring 28 AWG Red 30.5m Reel

►Product name:  Hard PCB single key one button embossed membrane keypad with wiring 28 AWG Red 30.5m Reel

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-Graphic overlay: Autotex F200
-Button embossed (outside)
-Metal dome (inside)
-PCB0.8mm thickness
-Spacer PC0.5mm
-Rear adhesive 3M467

- outside diameter 17.5mm
-Max total height 2.4mm
-Cable size 100mm

③Special requirements:
Extra glue on solder part for protect the cable from apart
RS cables: Alpha Wire High Temperature Wire 0.09 mm²CSA, 28 AWG Red 30.5m Reel, 2842 Series

④Application: mini controller

Advantages of PCB membrane keypad
LEDs can be soldered directly to the board for greater durability, and like all PCB designs, a wide variety of connector options can be utilized. The rear of the PCB is fully available for additional circuitry and can accommodate standard electronic components like resistors, capacitors, diodes and IC's.
One of the principal advantages of membrane switches is the wide variety of graphics that can be presented on the top overlay. That advantage is still available with a rigid PCB keypad. Custom elastomer overlays can be screen-printed with a wide variety of options to suit any application.

►Electrical performance 

 Wire Resistance

 0.5mm width,<1Ω/5cm

 Rated Current

 <500mA,0-30V DC  

 Insulation Resistance

 >100MΩ 250V DC

 Working Voltage

 <50V DC

 Non-tactile Switch Stroke


 Tactile Switch Stroke


 Working Life

 >0.5-1.2 million times

 Working Temperature


 Working Humidity

 40℃,90%RH No Influence

 Substrate Voltage

 1500V DC

 Feed BackTime




Comply with ROHS & REACH
The above product information is for reference only, we can provide customized production according to the design requirements of customers.

►Optional material

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