Technical Support
The right way to mount membrane switch

1)Clean up the surface where the switch is bonded and make sure it is flat ,without rust, oil and dust.
2)Compare the size to membrane switch where need be stick ,check if position is correct.
3)Tear off 10mm length of the bottom release paper from side.
4) Put the tail through the back board. Please do not pull the tail with force. The minimum bending radian of the lead wire is R=2mm. The hold edge must smooth in case of damaging the tail.
5)Align the panel with the sticking place and press on the fixed part, then slowly remove the rest release paper and flat the panel.
6)The stick process is finished in one time. Switch can not be repeated stick.
Please make sure the bending angel of panel is lower than 15 degree when sticking.
7)Please do not pull the connector so hard when in connection. For female connector, please hold the house when in connecting. Do not pull the lead wire directly. For FPC( Flexible printed circuits) structure, please unlock the socket before plugging.
Note:To assure the switch life , please put it on the table flatly when testing the hand feeling. Do not pinch the button when holding it on hand.