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Design of Membrane Pressure Sensor for Car Seat
The car seat sensor is a film type contact sensor in which the contacts of the sensor are evenly distributed on the force receiving surface of the seat, and a trigger signal is generated when the seat is subjected to pressure from the outside. Used in car seat occupant perception systems, such as seat belt alarm sensors,Taxi automatic meter, airbag sensing and driver departure. For example, with this device, it can sense if there is anyone in the seat, if there is no one, the airbag It won't open.

Design of seat sensor focuses on two perspectives: (1) the shape of the seat (2) the weight trigger value

 ①Shape of the sensor
The shape and size of the sensor are mainly based on the shape and size of the seat cushion.

In order to make the sensing point in the groove feeling the pressure from above the seat,we have to install the sensor in the core position of the seat cushion, the shape should be basically consistent with the seat, and the measuring point should avoid the grooves on the seat. The size of the sensor should also be the same as the size of the seat cushion, preventing the change in the sitting position of the passenger on the seat of the seat does not affecting the test results.

②The trigger weight value
The seat sensor (SBR) trigger weight is affected by the seat structure, the softness and hardness of the seat cushion, the installation position, and the material of the seat surface. If the same seat sensor was installed into different seat cushions, the performance on trigger weight value and sensitivity will be much different from each other.
In order to get the trigger weight value of SBR, we suggest to measure the surface of one sensing point of it, test the pressure value required for a single point trigger.
The trigger weight value of an adults seat cushion is 30kgs. If the trigger weight value can not meet your requirements, we have to make some modifications on the thickness, softness & hardness of the cushions filler.
Otherwise, we have to make some changes on the design of SBR to meet your requests on trigger weight value.

General Electrical Performances
Size Customized Working temperature -30~80℃
Single point working weight 150g~180g Insulation impedance 20MΩ
Trigger weight 30~ ∞ kg Static resistance >100MΩ
Working voltage < 50DC Trigger resistance 0-150Ω
Working current <100mA Durability >1000K times
Response time 10 ms    


Working size:176*88mm
Trigger weight:20kg~∞


Working size:160*120mm
Trigger weight:30kg~∞


Working size:235*208mm
Trigger weight:30kg~∞


Working size:195*135mm
Trigger weight:30kg~∞


►Customized Manufacture
OEM & ODM are welcome.
Following information of your custom membrane pressure sensor are requested.
①Working size & shape.
②Trigger weight.
③Length of cable.
④Type of connector.Quotation & design will be avaliable within 24 hours.
We accept orders for custom seat sensors.If you need to customize the production of seat sensors according to your needs, please inform us of the information.
(1) working size and shape of the sensor
(2) trigger weight
(3) lead length
(4) connector type
We will provide quotation and design scheme according to the information you provide.