Technical Support
Operating guidance of membrane switch

Working Environmental Requirements
1-1.Operating temperature:
Metal dome :-20℃-60℃
Poly dome:-20-40℃
1-2.Operating Humidity:
   Ordinary membrane switch:40℃,RH <90%
   Water proof membrane switch:  IPX5

Mount Requirements
The membrane switch is suitable for clean and smooth surface, such as ABS,PC and stainless surface. It don’t fit for silicon surface (adhesion promoter needed).
 Operating temperature: 15-30℃
Operating Humidity: RH45~80%
The bond process is one time operation. The switch can not be repeat bonded, or it will affect the stickiness of adhesive and the lifespan of buttons.
Gently assemble the switch and do not pull the tail hard. The minimum bending radian of the lead wire is R=2mm.
  Click here for correct mount way

►Operating on keypad
1.The membrane switch should be used on flat and hard surface to press keypad. Do not press it on soft or curving surface or pinch it on hand. Wrong operation will short the lifespan of switch and also will cause damage.
2.Please press button by finger or soft silicon. Do not use hard objects like screwdriver, metal stick in case of any malfunction.Don’t knock button by heavy objects.
3. Do not use sharp objects to poke any areas on the panel or knife to scratch it.
4. Use the product under required environment.
5. Do not use the normal panel membrane switch (without water proof and ultraviolet proof) outdoor for long time.

►Electrical requirement
Working Voltage:  
Silver printed circuit membrane switch: 30V MAX
FPC/ PCB membrane switch: DC 50V
Work current:
Silver printed circuit membrane switch: 30mA MAX(depend on the trace width and component on the circuit)
FPC/ PCB membrane switch: 1A MAX
Storage conditions
Temperature: 0-30℃
Humidity: 10%<80%
Void direct sunlight; keep it sealed.
Do not squeeze the switch and keep it flat.